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Activate Quicken Membership

Get Trouble-Free Steps to Activate Quicken Membership

Have you purchased Quicken subscription by visiting if yes then you need to create a Quicken ID. You could also your old Quicken Id if you have it. This ID is used for the reference of your Quicken membership. So, there is no need of activation code to activate your membership, as soon as you purchase Quicken, it activates your quicken membership.

Here are the easy steps to activate Quicken Membership

when it is purchased from

  • First of all, Install the Quicken and launch it on your device
  • While purchasing Quicken, you entail using Quicken ID and Password. Now you have to log in using the same Quicken ID and Password.
  • Now your membership is activated and you can start using Quicken software.

when it is purchased from a retailer

  • First of all, Install the Quicken and launch it on your device
  • Create a new Quicken ID or Sign in to follow the steps
  • In order to start the process of activating membership click Begin activation

  • Now you need to enter 16-digit activation code which you can find on the card inside your card inside your CD box or you can find it in your confirmation email.

  • Enter the activation code and click on Continue button. Now you have successfully activated your membership.

If you aren’t that techy person, you might feel tiresome while performing all the above-steps to activate Quicken membership.  In such case, Quicken support can be your best buddy. Call them on a Quicken support number. Executives will thoroughly guide you regarding activation of Quicken membership.